Best Songs About Love

When you are in love with single ukrainian woman, it seems that everything around is breathing love! And the soul requires gentle, touching, and melodious songs. Some of them so accurately reflect this state that they forever become the background of the most reverent memories. We decided to compile for you a collection of the best love songs. We recommend listening to them with headphones. The romantic mood is guaranteed!

  1. Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You

The new version was released in 1992. It is considered the finest love song of all time. In 1993, the singer grabbed as many as three Grammy, becoming rich and successful thanks to the song. A list of songs about this pure feeling can’t be complete without this hit.

  • Styx, Lady
  • It was first released in September 1972, and became a local hit in the band’s hometown, Chicago, but didn’t hit the charts at the national level. The song became successful in 1974. It was written by Dennis De Young for his wife.

    h nd man Stevie Wonder also wrote a lot of love songs, but this one is just fantastic, despite the fact that few people know it. It is from the album Innervisions (1973). Find and listen to it. You will not regret!

    h ong was released as the single from the Blue Moves album. In the US charts, it became sixth, and in the UK, it became the eleventh. Later the song was included in several official collections of the best compositions of the singer.