How to Cope with Relationship Breakup: 7 Tips from Psychologist

People want to love and be loved, strive to create a happy and strong family, and live in abundance and prosperity. But before finding the ideal life partner, many are destined to go through a series of break-ups. Some people perceive this as the beginning of a new stage in life and find the strength to move on, while for others, a break-up with a loved one is comparable to a serious loss. Thus, we’ve prepared some simple guidelines that will help you quickly leave all the regrets behind and feel the joy of life again.

  1. Don’t blame yourself

The decision to break-up does not come in a single day. And not even in a month. Most often, it is accompanied by a long process of reflection. The reasons for parting can be very different, but this does not mean that you have missed something at one time or another. The point is that you both started to lose contact a long time ago. In fact, the responsibility for the well-being of relationships lies with both partners, albeit not always equally. You shouldn’t ponder who is more to blame. It makes no sense to think over what you can no longer fix. Instead, try to look to the future and don’t repeat your mistakes of the past.

  • Avoid talking and meeting with your ex for at least two months

This means that you need to protect yourself from accidental encounters with your former partner. If you are likely to come across the ex on your way to work, change your route. If you can meet at a store or gym, find a new place to shop and do exercises. The same goes for messages and calls. It is better to temporarily block the ex-partner in social networks or delete their phone number at all. It sounds a little unfair because you have to give up something, but it’s for your own good.

  • Go in for sports

Firstly, physical activity promotes the release of the hormones of happiness, which are so necessary for you after breaking up with your loved one. Secondly, sports help you to release the tension and regain consciousness. Moreover, you will be glad to see your body in good shape.

  • Enjoy the advantages of modern dating sites and apps

Follow the popular saying: one wedge drives out another. If you have a strong affection to your ex whom you cannot forget about, try replacing it with something different, preferably no less exciting. Modern dating services, such as, for example, a Ukrainian dating site, provide you with a wonderful opportunity not only to find a loved one but also to chat with other people and meet new friends. One way or another, you will understand that there are other men/women in the world and your chances of finding new love are high enough.

  • Get busy rebuilding your life

The end of one stage of life is the beginning of a new one. So, with the end of the relationship, you have a chance to change something in your life. You can start even from your closet. Just sort it out and throw away all unnecessary things. Or use your imagination and come up with a new use for them. Also, it will not be superfluous to find a new hobby or passion.

  • Don’t look for salvation at the bottom of the bottle

Or at the bottom of a bucket of ice cream. Any attempts to numb the pain with alcohol and food backfire, making you feel even worse. It’s better to do something really nice and useful for you. For example, go for a massage, visit a spa, beauty salon, or steam room. Just relax – you deserve this.

  • Meet friends and relatives

You finally have plenty of time to meet your friends and relatives. Use it! These people know how to cheer you up and will help you to take your mind off the break-up. In addition, do not hesitate to share your feelings and experiences with them, near and dear ones will always support you.